Boise has some great neighborhoods with sometimes quite different vibes. Whether you’re looking for a fast paced night life, a high end neighborhood to commute to your workplace, or a nice kid-friendly affordable neighborhood, you can find it all in Boise. Here’s your consummate guide to Boise neighborhoods.



If you're into urban living, Downtown Boise has a LOT to offer. You'll have close proximity to the capitol and government agencies, as well as many large downtown employers. There are tons of entertainment venues like Centurylink Arena, plus Boise State University is within walking distance. In terms of housing, there are some single family homes in or near the downtown area, but you'll find more condos and townhomes, in keeping with the hip urban lifestyle.


The famed North End of Boise is located about five minutes from Downtown Boise. It's one of the higher end areas of the Treasure Valley in terms of price and desirability. You'll find a wide variety of home styles in the North End, from older bungalows that need remodeling (watch Boise Boys for a great house-flipping show that focuses on the North End) to 100 year old historic mansions. The North End is considered to be an area north of State Street between Fort & 28th. The North End includes famous Hyde Park on 13th, and restaurants, coffee shops and other great shopping experiences.


10-15 minutes from downtown Boise, you will find South Boise which runs from the airport to the Boise/Meridian line. Formerly full of farms, now those farms are slowly turning into neighborhoods. You will see still see large parcels of land here with single level homes, but they will cost you more than you might think. The land here in the Boise metro area is very valuable.


As you leave the North End you will find yourself in NW Boise. This area is older as well with pockets of new homes mixed in. You are close to the foothills here and at most a 15 minute drive down State Street to downtown Boise.


Older and established, there is little new in West Boise. The people here love It because they are in the middle of Boise and Meridian which provides great access to whatever they need! The majority of this area was built in the 80s and 90s.


The Foothills area is just above the North End, and part of this area is called the Highlands. Somerset is also a neighborhood in this area. It is one of the higher end neighborhoods of Boise, with a good mix of old and new homes, some with spectacular views.


The dividing line between Northeast and Southeast Boise is the Boise River. You get there by taking Warm Springs or Park Center Blvd. east of Downtown. In this area is a very popular community called Harris Ranch, which is only ten minutes from Downtown Boise, and a small downtown area called Bown Crossing. In terms of price per square foot, Southeast and Northeast Boise is a little less expensive than the North End.


The Boise Bench is an iconic part of Boise that overlooks the city. Home styles and values vary widely, with some higher end properties, and some more affordable ones. The Boise Boys TV series (a house flipping show) often highlights homes that are renovated on the Boise Bench. There are charming little Cape Cod homes, mid-century homes, and other styles that are being renovated into the 21st century.


Drive 15 minutes into the foothills from downtown Boise and you will find Hidden Springs. Most either LOVE it or HATE it. This is a master planned community that started in the early 2000s and has just recently wrapped up (though there is building in an adjacent neighborhood). Hidden Springs has its own elementary school, fire house, preschool, small market and restaurant. Its quaint, pretty and charming, butI’ve heard the words Stepford and Whoville used to describe it.



The city of Eagle resides just 9 miles west of the heart of Downtown Boise. Driving to Boise or Meridian is an easy 10 to 15 minute drive. The Boise River spans the full length of Eagle providing gorgeous views, nature preserves, and miles of walking and biking paths on the Greenbelt. The foothills provide a beautiful backdrop to the North. Downtown Eagle offers boutique shops, amazing restaurants, farmers market, and parks. Enjoy fly fishing on the Boise River, golfing on one of the four courses in Eagle, and mountain biking on our world-class bike park with more than 250 acres of trails and a BMX track. Eagle is home to prime real estate along the Boise River within walking distance to shopping, dining and entertainment.



Meridian’s most populated area for both residential and commercial. Eagle Road is home to just about every national chain you can think of as well as The Village at Meridian which is an outdoor shopping mall. The neighborhoods are a big mix in both price and age… anything from brand new to 30 years old, from $200k to more than a million. You are now starting to see more restaurants pop up versus just big box stores.


Now developing! Many who live here tout the traffic is much better. The statement pay be true now, but South Meridian can expect to be just as populated as North Meridian as time passes. Like South Boise you will still find farm land and larger parcels with older homes on them. Prices are slightly less in South Meridian but the gap is filling quickly between North and South Meridian.



Kuna is growing fast! Located just 18 miles southwest of downtown Boise, the state capital. During the first weekend in August, there is an annual celebration called Kuna Days, which includes festivities of live music, carnival, parade, fireworks show and more. Nearby you will find the beautiful Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which holds North America's densest population of nesting raptors. In the summer, enjoy floating the Indian Creek or checking out the Kuna Caves (underground lava flow cave).



Want country living but still remain close to everything the Boise Valley area has to offer? Star is the “New Eagle” where you can still find affordable High Amenity Custom Housing with easy access to a Green Belt , River, fishing, Swimming, Hiking, 4 wheeling, Motorcycle Riding as well as nearby Shopping. Enjoy the serene quiet country atmosphere and commutes to Boise, Nampa , Middleton and I-84 are only 10-20 minutes away!



Nampa is Idaho's second largest town after Boise, with neighborhoods ranging from small lots in the quaint Downtown area and near the Northwest Nazarene University campus, to large rural lots at the southern end of town. Caldwell Blvd. runs diagonally just south of the Freeway (I-81), with a lot of shopping, and 12th runs north and south with even more shopping. Residential areas have grown outward from those two main strips. There are new neighborhoods in Nampa north of the freeway, and a lot of new commercial construction to keep up with the skyrocketing growth of the Treasure Valley



Caldwell is further west of Nampa, and generally has less expensive homes than Nampa. Caldwell is the seat of Canyon County, and has its own quaint downtown district. The best areas of Caldwell are generally the more rural parts where you are away from city living. Here you can still find large lots and newer homes.