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Boise Relocation Guide

Are you considering relocation to Boise, Idaho? You’re not alone! More and more people are making the mover and enjoying the exceptional lifestyle Boise offers. The best part about being a relocation specialist is seeing the excitement on the faces of my clients as they explore this beautiful area I call home. With a low cost of living, great employment growth, affordable housing and stunning natural beauty, sharing my community is a great way to spend my days.


Ranking #1 on’s “2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live,” Boise is growing as transplants from congested places like Portland, Los Angeles, New York and the Bay Area seek out its relaxed attitude and refined environment. Affectionately known as the “City of Trees,” locals celebrate not only the heritage of abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. The Boise River winds through the center of town with a series of riverside parks, 25 miles in total, and all year long one will see residents enjoying the trail system; walking, biking, fishing, bird watching.


A Location Unlike Any Other

Boise, Idaho might be described as an urban, small town. The residents are friendly and welcoming and new residents will immediately feel included and at home. While not the size of Los Angeles, Boise offers the best of big city amenities and opportunities, but without the traffic, crime and sprawl. World class dining, shopping and entertainment complement the natural beauty of the area to provide a superior lifestyle for our residents and their families.

As I spend time with clients who are relocating to Boise, invariably they express delight at the variety of amenities they find in the city. Trendy shopping districts and hip bars and clubs add to the expected big-box style daily shopping centers to offer everything a modern lifestyle demands. Seasonal outdoor concerts and festivals attract visitors and residents alike and there is something always going on in Boise. Often after a day of house hunting my relocation clients and I will revive ourselves at one of our hot new restaurants, dining on local farm-to-table fare and a delicious Idaho wine.   


So Boise sounds like a great place, but what about the housing market? “After all, I’m planning a relocation to Boise.”

Regardless of whether you’re planning a move to Boise, Idaho for the booming employment opportunities, 2.9% unemployment rate, outstanding public schools, including Boise State University or are finally tired of the rat race and are seeking a relaxed pace which doesn’t require sacrificing big city advantages, Boise has a home which will suit your needs. Boise has a large selection of both new and resales homes; a nice array of houses, townhomes and condos from which to choose. Our relocation guide will walk you through your options and we can explore these homes and talk about your unique needs. We offer everything from urban loft style homes to quaint older homes with vintage character – all at affordable prices.


I love living and working in Boise, Idaho. This special city has become a magnet for those ready to leave the congestion, hustle and bustle of other Western cities. They come for a variety of reasons – employment, lifestyle, education – but each and every one of my relocation clients has one thing in common – they are thrilled by what they discover, and I never get tired of showing off my incredible town.

Clean Energy


Eco Contruction

Green Community



Boise has a sizable eco-conscious community, from green homebuilders to environmentally conscious companies to do business with.