A lot of people are moving to Idaho these days. Changing demographics, economics, politics, and housing markets seems to be driving people out of high-population areas of California and other states into states with a little more room to grow like Idaho. As a result, housing prices have seen consistent growth for decades.

Reasons for moving to Idaho

Moving to Idaho or Boise?

Everyone has reasons that are fairly personal to them about why they’d want to move to Idaho. For most, it’s economic opportunity and getting away from the crowds associated with the larger states. But make no mistake, Idaho is not just a destination for those wanting to leave where they came from—it’s a destination for those looking for the great lifestyle that Idaho has to offer.

Some of the benefits of Idaho over other states include:

  1. Lower tax burden
  2. More liberty-minded voters (please don’t change that!)
  3. Tons of outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, boating, hiking, shooting, and more.
  4. Four distinct seasons.
  5. The weather is fairly temperate, the snow in the Treasure Valley isn’t usually too deep, and it doesn’t usually stay on the ground long.
  6. Friendly culture, friendly people.

Moving to Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, or ???

There are a lot of great locations within the Treasure Valley you could live. Boise is in Ada County at the east end of the valley, and is close to a mountain range we call the Rockies. There is everything from snow sports to water sports to shooting sports, hiking, etc. in the Rockies. If you’re considering moving to Boise, you’ll enjoy a vibrant downtown with urban living, historical districts of older, larger homes, and suburban neighborhoods throughout. There is even some new construction going on.

If you’re moving to Meridian, it is just west of Boise, and is mostly a bedroom community of suburban homes. Property values historically do very well in Meridian, and it’s centrally located with easy access to Boise on the east and Nampa and Caldwell on the west. 

Canyon County is west of Ada County, and property values are generally a little more affordable there. The main thing to consider is what your commute (if any) will look like. If you are living in Canyon County and commuting to Boise, you will get a little bit of a traffic heading east on the freeway (I-81) in the morning, although it’s probably nothing like you’re used to if you’re coming from California!