Boise + art = culture

Discover our thriving Boise art scene

Yes, you can have it all here in Boise

Far from being a small town devoid of culture, Boise pulls above its weight in the art community. Boise has art museums, concert halls, street art, playhouses, and even an outdoor Shakespearean theatre. Music festival, traveling art shows, and concerts from mainstream popular artists are all commonplace in and around Boise.

Art in the Park + Freak Alley

Art In The Park is one of the most popular outdoor art shows with events and activities for all ages. It is sponsored by the Boise Art Museum (known as BAM around here). Freak Alley is also a popular attraction, with high quality street art in the Downtown alleys between Bannock and Idaho St. (starting around 8th).+

Boise Art Museum

The Boise Art Museum (BAM) began as a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational art association that formed in 1932. By 1937, funds were raised for the museum. Located in Julia Davis Park, the museum underwent a big expansion and modernization in the late 1990’s.

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Boise Theater Arts Scene

Morrison Center for the Performing Arts

The Morrison Center is a beautiful venue that hosts some of the best plays, musicals, Broadway shows, and other national acts in the area. It is located on the Boise State University (BSU) campus right across the river from Downtown Boise.. 

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Boise Little Theater

Boise Little Theater is a fantastic theater that puts on some amazing all-local productions. They are also very involved in the arts community, putting on workshops for aspiring actors.

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Idaho Shakespeare Festival 

Plays by the bard and more, the repertoire included here are from all counties, styles and genres. National and international preformances at the 750 seat outdoor auditorium have long been a favorite of Boise. Bring a picinic with you, order one from The Festival ahead of time or pick up some ala carte items on your way through the door!

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Boise Music Scene

Boise Philharmonic

The Boise Philharmonic was founded in the 1880’s and boasts over 80 musicians performing in multiple venues. Some of the common places you can catch their performances are at the Morrison Center and the Brandt Center (located at NNU). They also play at other schools and concert halls around the state.

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Opera Idaho

Opera Idaho funds and produces high quality opera and shares it all over the state of Idaho. The organization has quickly become one of the widest reaching arts programs in the state, with performances hosted in all kinds of large and small venues.

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Boise Jazz Society

The Boise Jazz Society is a great organization that helps keep jazz alive as the dynamic art form we know and love.  They book the best names in jazz to perform for Boises jazz connoisseurs.

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