Boise art scene

Moving To Boise? Never Fear, Art In Boise Thrives

From Classics to Contemporary, Concerts to Concertos,

Boise Art And History Is Alive.

Thinking of moving to Boise Idaho? Do you have some reservations about relocating to Boise for fear that this small city art scene will not fill your palate? Dynamic, diverse and decadent are all words you could use to describe the Boise Art scene.

With a plethora of both live preforming arts that are local as well as many of the touring national brands to please your senses. While fine arts are thriving too. Often displayed at The Boise Art Museum, call BAM by locals, it is a classic stuffy affair with docents and nationally branded traveling shows. No pictures allowed and all that jazz. The local community and civic leaders are incredibly supportive of the arts as well, examples of this would be the long running Shakespeare festival, the first Thursday Art Walk in downtown in which small shops galleries and restaurants all open the doors and stay open late, wonder the streets and find all sorts of creations from fine to not so fine. 

Learn more about Art In The Park an outdoor art show and hands on event for the young and old alike, sponsored by BAM. Freak Alley Art is another example, with local officials on board and local artists killing it. Take a turn into the alleys starting around 8th street between Bannock and Idaho streets. It is a rare opportunity to see innovative, personal and high quality street art close up. It is a great photo opportunity. Originally just one block and now 3 blocks long, and you will find street art bordering on BAM quality! Visit often as it is an ever changing scene. Street art is important locally as even the boxes on the corners are all decorated, with the cities blessing. It is cool. Boise is cool. Be cool too! Move to Boise… Read on as I highlight some of the other art happenings, venues and events!

Boise Art Museum

The Boise Art Museum (BAM) became an entity in 1937. Formed in conjunction with the City of Boise, the Boise Art Association and the federal Wpa, the construction of the museum where it now stands in Julia Davis Park would not take long. BAM incorporated as a non profit in the 1960’s and underwent a major expansion in 1997 to create the modern, pleasing and state of the art facility you will find today!

Boise Theater Arts Scene

A super local theater trying to create for us all to engage our imaginations. Located in Boise’s Cultural district, they strive to provide a creative home for playwrights, patrons, students and artists alike. My son attended a summer camp here with help from staff at the Shakespeare festival and it was enlightening and fun for all. Culturally they value the relationships the arts foster from the rehearsals 

Idaho Shakespeare Festival 

Plays by the bard and more, the repertoire included here are from all counties, styles and genres. National and international preformances at the 750 seat outdoor auditorium have long been a favorite of Boise. Bring a picinic with you, order one from The Festival ahead of time or pick up some ala carte items on your way through the door! 

Boise Music Scene

Boise Philharmonic

Idaho’s oldest and largest preforming arts company. Founded in the 1880’s and existing in some form or another to the present day. With over 81 musicians preforming in front of 50,000 plus people annually, it is a high quality experience. Elmer Fudd has not lived here for a long time. Preformance venues include The Morrison Center For The Preforming Arts, The Brandt Center at NNU, and various schools, and smaller recital halls around the state, catching a show is pretty easy. Featured by The Boise Philharmonics fourteen master works concerts per year will keep you on the edge of your seat. They offer compositions from the most well known classics and contemporary works as well. On top of that there are numerous other shows from “pops” concerts and chamber series shows to the school programs where the Boise Philharmonic preforms for over 12001 students each year. Hoping to foster a love of fine music in our young.


So many artsy do gooders in our state! A mission of attempting to gain a love and wide acceptance of Opera and Operatic style performances in the community as a whole through a variety of city and state wide engagements. Running with a wide ranging educational programs throughout the state, with outreach programs that reach from McCall, through Boise and on to Pocatello.


Promoting all things jazz. Highlighted by several subscription shows each year that typically take place in the Esther Simplot Preforming Arts Academy, jazz lovers can also attend symposiums, lectures, listening parties and more!


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